Look Amazing

                   3 looks with a TWIST

Most of these items are not super fashion-y (or expensive), in fact, they’re something you’d expect  to see in an ordinary closet. But even ordinary things can become more interesting, by adding just a hint of unexpected.

1. Leopard Love

Pairing a relatively solid tee with printed leggings, is a smart move. But wearing same print sneakers with it?  That’s just genius! Why? Well, the combination will elongate your legs and make you look cool without any fuss.


 Tee: $10.80 at forever21

Leopard leggings: $14.80 at forever21

Sneakers: $49.99 at Journeys. Also available at keds.com


    2.Color Block, Prettily

Color Blocking is super trendy right now. So update it for the warm weather, with pretty colors that aren’t as  harsh. By rocking two different prints with the skirt and tee you embrace the  mixed print, but keeping the color scheme same stops it from becoming too much. Add the flats, and you’re adding another trend to the mix, like a trendy fashionista that looks pretty and not uptight! 


Striped tee: $8.80 at forever21

Skirt: $19.80 at forever21

Flats: $12.95 at H&M 

3. The Little Black Dress gets Updated

A black dress is super flattering, especially one that fits and flows. The cut outs and high low bottom add a touch of edge  to the dress. But the real twist is pairing it with red shoes, red lips and red nails. Which add a whole new depth to the classic LBD  look.


Dress: $27.80 at forever21

Gloss: $27 at Ulta.com and Ulta stores

Shoes: $49.90 at Forever21.com

When I try nail art….:P.

When I try nail art….:P


Start Healing

Tell yourself you’re beautiful
Even though it is the hardest thing ever
Even if you don’t believe it.
Maybe if you say it enough,
You’ll start to.
And when you do,
You’ll treat your body well because it does amazing things and never give a shit about what other people think.
I know you think the world sucks,
And people don’t care.
So be the change you wanna see,
And be a nicer person
And as for people not caring.
I do.
Enough to type this for you.
So give the world another chance.
Give yourself another chance.

Sometimes you see beauty and you just have to share it. That’s what happened when I saw all these amazing things from my closet and decided to have a photo session. Cool, right?